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something," he said. "I don't want to be responsible for buying toilet paper."

In the 1990s, city commissioners approved contracts on the consent agenda, where councilors approve Adidas Y3 Sprint Suede the items in one vote without discussion.

´╗┐Councilors want greater influence over city contracts

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"At some point of time, I think we are delving too deep into Adidas Rose 5 Red

to review every contract.

sometimes uses up to 30 days, he said.

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Councilor Jim Entenman is interested in looking into contract compliance by private companies managing public facilities, such as the Arena and Convention Center, and said he doesn't have the time Adidas Y3 Boxing

Public Works Director Mark Cotter expressed concern that requiring council approval would slow the process of getting a project started. The state routinely takes 15 days for the contract process, while the city Adidas Sl Loop Army Green

"I don't need to know every contract, but maybe there's one on the list that I'm interested in," Brown said.

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Now, the council will approve some contracts and not others. No threshold has been established.

Why that changed is unknown, City Clerk Debra Owen said.

"For me, it's about the transparency," said Councilor Vernon Brown, who leads the Fiscal Committee.

Assistant City Attorney Karen Leonard said that as a general rule, the directors decide which contracts to bring to the council for a vote. Those that the council doesn't approve are signed off by other city officials and reviewed by the city attorney's office.

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By having the contracts listed on the agenda, taxpayers can see how the city is spending its money and local contractors can find out about business opportunities with the city, Brown said.

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Adidas Y3 Sprint Suede

"In my six years (on the council), I haven't received a definitive answer on which contracts come before the City Council and which don't," Brown said.

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