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cookbook help elevate Plains meat to gourmet Adidas Rose Gold Shoes Roshe

Olson's recipes enhance the value of traditional Native American food, says Padmanaban Krishnan, her project mentor and a professor of food science and new product development at South Dakota State University.

Cooks can order specialty cuts of bison through Hy Vee, she says. "Generally, they have 1 pound packages of ground bison in the freezer section. They can order most any cut you want. It usually takes about a week to get in."

"Bison is part of their tradition but not often used, and I wanted to increase their awareness and appreciation of the meat," says Krishnan, who worked with Flandreau Indian School students to increase their use of bison meat in their lifestyle.

Bison, a heritage meat for Native Americans, provided them with food, clothing, tools, tipis and weapons.

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Adidas Tech Super W Tropic Melon

Buffalo stroganoff is often on the menu at Wild Sage Grille. "Typically I use buffalo chuck roast. It's one of the most flavorful roasts to cook with, in my opinion, even including beef," Morehead says.

As an extra lean meat option, bison has earned top of the food chain gourmet status. Now, it's an event meat, says Steven Morehead, sous chef and kitchen manager at Wild Sage Grille.

However, it's not a cheap meat. It can cost $4 to $6 Adidas Sl 72 Forest Green

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It contains 30 recipes tested, tweaked and tried out on college students and relatives.

Bison from Rapid City was recently served as Adidas Tech Super W Tropic Melon a main entree at a presidential meal, says Krishnan.

For the best results, cook bison using a light touch. "You can't treat it like beef," Olson says. "A lot of steaks have fat marbling and can take the high heat, but bison is so lean you have to watch your cooking time. It can dry out easily."

It's no longer a tough, dried up piece of burger meat that cooks overlook.

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The fact that bison is expensive lends an exclusive quality to the meat. "Bison is being sold as a health food product, and it has its own market," Krishnan says.

Olson wanted to help, and that's where the cookbook, "Bison: My Way," came in.

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a pound more than beef, he says.


Bison has a good fat to meat fiber ratio, Morehead agrees. "If you cook it properly, it will be tender enough to fall apart."

Healthwise, bison and beef have about the same grams of protein per serving, but bison has less saturated fat than beef, she says.

"The meat is slightly sweeter with a more earthy taste and that grassy flavor," says Morehead, adding that bison has a a richer flavor than steak.

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a cold winter's evening."

Kristin Olson, a trained chef and a dietetics student at South Dakota State University, has combined bison's longstanding native culture with its recent gourmet status and developed bison recipes from her own repertoire. She put them together in a cookbook as part of a school project.

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The words "buffalo" and "bison" often are used interchangeably, but the proper term for the animal is American bison, Olson says.

She also included nutritional information with each recipe.

The recognition "elevates bison to a snob level,"Krishnan says. "It's got taste and nutrition to boot."

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"Most of the recipes are things I've cooked many times. Some came from friends and family," says Olson, 42. "I utilized tasting panels to get feedback."

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Bison PotpieKristin Olson: "Potpie is one of my favorite meals. It is so easy to incorporate new and different vegetables into this comforting dish, and the fact that potpie is an all encompassing meal makes it taste that much better. I used a pre made pie crust for this recipe, but you could easily use your own favorite pie crust recipe, or if you are feeling a bit daring, you could use a cornbread mix as the topping. I like to spice the mix up with a few chopped jalapeo peppers and a touch of chili powder. This will definitely keep you warm on Y3 Adidas High Tops

People have become more interested in bison for the flavor and for health reasons, Olson says.

BROOKINGS Bison has a new reputation.

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