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"He radioed in requesting me to bring him another box of cards," said fellow Const. Jody Mattinson. "I told him I'd be there in five minutes and, two minutes later, he radioed in again and said, 'You've got to get here with those cards, I'm getting swamped by kids.'"

It was one of many signs that the RCMP's Cop Card Contest has struck a chord with students.

The contest has kids collecting cards featuring local law enforcement officials including RCMP officers, Cold Lake Victim Services members, city peace officers, military police and civilian workers at the RCMP detachment. Until the end of October, students who collect at least 25 of the cards and bring their collection to the RCMP detachment are eligible for one of six Ipod Touches and a chance to be cop for a day with their favourite RCMP member.

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Many of the cards show the members off duty snowboarding, skateboarding or on their motorcycle. It's a chance for the police to offer kids something they can relate to and start a conversation over.

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many students who have collected the 25 they need to enter the contest continue to collect the cards in an effort to gather the entire set.

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"There's one grandfather who comes to the detachment every day with his granddaughter to get a card," he said. "That's a great sign that it's working. When do you ever hear a kid come home from school and say 'Mom, Dad, bring me to the police station.'"

The response the contest has seen has by far exceeded his expectations.

"The kids are just thrilled about it. It's good hype around the school," she said. "When they came into the school before the students might have been a little sheepish, but now they're seeing these cards, they're seeing them come into the school and they're going up to them and saying 'Hi' and 'Good morning,' whatever it takes to get a card."

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Over 20 students in the area are already eligible for the prize and Adidas Originals Sl Loop Runner Trail

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Staff Sgt. Rob Cunningham hoped the contest, made possible through a grant from Cenovus Energy, would help build connections between the people who help Adidas Tech Super Foot Locker enforce the law in Cold Lake and the area's youth.

During a recent visit to Cold Lake Elementary school, RCMP Const. Scott Coleman radioed his detachment for backup.

And the connections the police are making in the community are bound to last well beyond Oct. 31, when the contest's winners will be drawn. "The officers come in here and it's not seen as if there's a problem," Trodden said. "Now that they know faces and they've met them in the culture of this contest, heaven forbid, if one of the kids needs an officer, they aren't afraid of them."

is his first posting with the RCMP, delivered cards to his fellow RCMP member at Cold Lake Elementary school he had his own run in with students searching for cards.

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´╗┐Cop cards a hit with Cold Lake kids

Cold Lake Elementary School principal Kathy McKale said the contest is giving students the chance to connect with RCMP and peace officers they might otherwise be too shy to approach.

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kids in Cold Lake would respond.

After Const. Mattinson, whose service in Cold Lake Adidas Sl Loop Womens

Cold Lake Middle School principal, James Trodden, said the contest is the latest sign that the RCMP are becoming more proactive in the community.

The cards are proving an effective tool for RCMP members, community peace officers and others to break down any barriers between law enforcement and the community's youth.

He didn't need help with a typical police emergency, however: The constable was running low on cop cards and didn't want to leave kids at the school disappointed.

"The presence of the RCMP in the schools has increased, and increased to create connections to talk to kids and do some of that preventative education," he said. "You form a stronger community that way you're not worrying about crime on the back end, you're worrying about prevention and education on the front end. And one of those is better than the other."

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He's been a part of similar programs in smaller communities, but was not sure how Adidas Rose Gold Shoes Ebay

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