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The Adidas Tech Super Electricity institute highlights how most of that indebtedness comes from direct program spending and future liabilities money our governments should be banking for commitments they've said they would pay for in the future. The Fraser Institute is a political animal and this report will only help its continuing call for our governments to refocus perhaps at any cost to deficit elimination, repayment of incurred debts and eliminating future liabilities through program reform.

It's a very small number compared to the book value of all city owned assets, which clocks in at $325.2 million.

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Adidas Tech Super Electricity

of buildings. They're mortgages, essentially, on assets that with continued investment in maintenance and repair, won't depreciate significantly in value and remain under public ownership.

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This too is a good sign for Cornwall.

Looking at the good/bad debt scenario, the City of Cornwall actually fares well.

´╗┐Cornwall doing OK on debt question

Municipalities weren't overtly included in the report, but as the level of government closest to us and most prone to challenges from an irate property tax base, the report presents an opportunity to continue a discussion on good debt versus bad debt at the local level.

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Witness the release Tuesday of the Fraser Institute's latest report on government indebtedness in Canada. The institute argues this indebtedness should be a serious public policy issue. Why?

While there is a constituency who would argue the city should have zero debt, a city with responsibly issued and managed debt is not an evil thing. Many people enter into mortgages to purchase their own homes a decision that makes the building more affordable over the long term and extends the purchasing cost over the lifetime of use by that owner.

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Municipal debt on tangible assets that retain a significant amount of their value over their lifetime is good debt, provided the annual payment is an affordable one. The 2014 repayment on Cornwall's debt was predicted in 2012 to be $2.3 million that's 5.3% of the $43.7 million the city will collect in property taxes based on this year's approved budget. That's a very manageable threshold and is a small line in the city's overall operating budget of $158 million.

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Most of the $22.2 million debt (all figures from 2012 financial reports filed with the Province of Ontario) was incurred on the financing Adidas Sl 72 Buy

floor, concern over its size and how we all share in its repayment tends to dominate.

Just like when we buy our homes, cities should approach debt issuance for these assets as part of an overall funding program that includes saving up for a down payment. Setting something aside annually for these down payments is as good a practice for us as for the city. The city is pulling over $5 million from reserves this year and is projected to have $44.9 million in Adidas Sl Loop Yeezy

It's something to keep an eye on and ask about in the year ahead, even though compared to its provincial and federal counterparts this city's showing itself a prudent manager of its current debt.

When the topic of government debt hits the Adidas Sl Loop Uk Buy

the bank on Dec. 31.

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Having said that, the 2014 budget calls for $863,000 in new debt to finance capital expenses in the fire department and for city fleet renewal. It's questionable whether taking on debt to finance the purchase of rolling stock is as good a decision as using it to finance fixed assets that retain more of their value.

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