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we are going," added Waldroff. "The taxpayers need to know the truth and they need to know their council is trustworthy."

There is a war of words underway amongst South Stormont council members regarding whether and how the municipality should spend more money on advertising in local publications.

"I personally want the ratepayers to know the truth and this is where Adidas Sl Loop Collection

Hart said on several occasions, including at the December meeting when the presentation about the new paper was made, she expressed concern about using taxpayers' funds toward the venture.

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If South Stormont News never gets off the ground, no money will change hands, Waldroff said.

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However according to Mayor Bryan McGillis and other members of council, the money was allocated only for advertising dollars in the newsletter should the newsletter come to fruition.

´╗┐Council battles over spending dispute

The dispute has led to four councillors penning an open letter to ratepayers aimed at undermining Deputy Mayor Tammy Hart's claim that $10,600 was set aside during this year's budget to help set up a new newsletter within South Stormont.

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McGillis said Hart's involvement in Adidas Sl Loop Red Reptile For Sale

"We are extending our budget for more advertising so we can be more accountable and transparent," said McGillis. "That's it. That's all.

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the misinformation has prompted council to contact the integrity commissioner.

"The fabrications coming out of Deputy Mayor Hart is hurtful, it's not true and it's demeaning to the municipality."


McGillis said council was given two additional venues for advertising, Know It All and South Stormont News and council agreed to advertise in both.

"And if we are not happy with what we are seeing, we will not continue with the service," added McGillis.

Coun. Richard Waldroff said his concern lies with the campaign of misinformation regarding council's spending decision.

Hart still insists the other councillors and mayor all voted in favour of funding the newspaper.

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It's also led to another call to council's integrity commissioner.

"It (the money) was never funding anybody's business. It was simply to purchase a service just like we purchase services from anybody else," he said.


In a open memo to council Hart said, "I wish to note my concerns and objections regarding the decision made during a budget meeting on March 5 by Mayor McGillis and council members to provide taxpayer money to help fund the start Adidas Tech Super (Black / Bluebird / Carbon) up of a small business (a South Stormont newspaper)."

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"At this time I am awaiting the official minutes of the two meetings from township administration," she said. "I stand by my original votes against funding this project and welcome a review of the meeting minutes showing that council will not fund this project."

"This time there will be sanctions levied against her," said Mc Gillis. "There is no doubt in my mind."

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"We are not starting up, we are not loaning or anything," said McGillis. "What we are doing is taking out an ad in a paper that might be named South Stormont."

"At no time did the mayor or council members express to me that this was advertising dollars to be allocated for the newspaper," she said. "It was verbally implied the amount was to help towards the start up Adidas Sl 72 Vintage Air Force Blue Trainers

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