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Perhaps more than anything, the Conservatives are afraid that delaying an election might give Michael Ignatieff and the Liberals time to get their act together.

a federal election this month, the big question is how long Stephen Harper will wait to engineer the defeat of his own government.

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But all bets are off on the Afghan conflict remaining so politically benign were an election delayed until 2010.

Don't be fooled: Behind all the trumped up Conservative bellyaching at the prospect of an imminent election is a prime minister, party and campaign machine increasingly revved up to go to the polls.

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National opinion surveys in recent weeks have been showing the Conservatives pulling out of a longtime deadlock with the Liberals and into a commanding lead, albeit not majority territory yet.

Think Liberal boondoggles times a hundred.

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But now there is a different factor in the equation.

Now that Jack Layton and the NDP have spared us all from Adidas Y3 Gold

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Until recently, for example, Harper and his strategists were operating on the gamble that the Adidas Tech Super Black White Vapour

So far, there has been an appalling lack of debate in this country over what, exactly, Canada's future in Afghanistan should be, Sl Loop Adidas White

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While the stars increasingly align for the Conservatives, factors previously driving Harper to delay an election are becoming less compelling.

´╗┐Conservatives have motives to go to polls

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economy would be in solid recovery next year, all but eliminating the Conservatives' political vulnerability on fiscal management.

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The latest assessments on the war in Afghanistan, for instance, all point to the situation deteriorating from bad to worse without a major increase in NATO troop levels, and a military mission lasting long after Canada's combat role is scheduled to end in early 2011.

The PM has plenty of other reasons to scheme his party into an election sooner rather than later.

A summer poll conducted for Sun Media by Leger Marketing showed Canadian economic pessimism declining over the first seven months of the year.

This week, the Nanos Research economic index showed public confidence in the economy is in fact at its highest level since 2007.

All of which has Conservatives wondering why they would gamble on an uncertain economic recovery next year when they already have the next best thing an electorate that believes happy days are here again.

Also by 2010, GM and Chrysler may well be back at the public pump for another politically embarrassing fill up of taxpayers' money, an event likely to give voters road rage at the polls.

By next year, the auditor general may get her hands on the books showing exactly how the Conservatives managed to run up $56 billion on the public charge card.

and it is unlikely the issue would become a pivotal ballot question in a fall election.

By then, our troops will be less than a year from leaving, and U. S. President Barack Obama may well be asking the Canadian government to Adidas Sl Moc Loop extend a mission already on the losing side of public support.

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