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She said it wouldn be helpful to begin throwing questions to staff without warning or context, plus it would lengthen what are already long meetings at times.

Gerald Samson is proposing a period be added to council bimonthly gatherings, as a way to address issues that aren already motions, bylaws or presentations on the agenda.

means putting it on the agenda. said the new business or notices of motion are adequate opportunities to bring forward issues or questions.

we have questions as a councillor at any time, the staff is there to answer the questions, added Thibault. doesn have to be in one of our meetings. think it always a good idea for us to have access to managers and staff, agreed MacDonald. I think we already do. Bernadette Clement, however, was open to the suggestion.

have two days of intensive prep so the meeting runs smoothly. To expect someone to have an entire encyclopedia in their head rather than a chapter for that day, it could throw things off the rails. you looking to do something that has value for the community, you have to be in a position to have people from administration aware of what you going to be asking so the proper information can be provided, agreed Coun. Denis Thibault.

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City council newest member said he has been bombarded with questions since being sworn in, and he wants the chance to publicly pose them to staff.

Adidas Sl Loop Tr Shoes

prolongs the meetings, added Coun. Andre Rivette. you got a question . things can be addressed before the meeting or after. noted that agenda packages are generally made Adidas Sl Loop Tr Shoes available on Friday, leaving councillors and staff scrambling to get ready for the Monday evening discussions.

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so much more dynamic as a meeting. I think we should look at it. disagreed, suggesting the discussions would too easily get out of hand.

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question period for the community, maybe that has some value. said she appreciates the public forums held during some planning advisory committee meetings, and sees merit in allowing residents to comment during council debate as well.

behind information sharing, but I don think (a question period) would be the mechanism that would be an efficient vehicle, said Coun. Elaine Adidas Sl 72 Asos

Adidas Sl Loop Tr Shoes

is an opportunity for us to look at ourselves. Thibault said he thought allowing councillors to pose any queries they wished would encourage them to push their own agenda rather than contribute to a group discussion.

have to be approved and seconded. said councillors should be able to pose queries either their own, or from constituents to their colleagues, the mayor, or any staff members during the designated time.

He wasn against the concept completely, however.

each councillor could have a five minute or two question period after every meeting, it would bring up a lot more interest within the community, he said. are asking different questions that aren part of the agenda. said he practically has department heads on speed dial already, but he wants an avenue besides notices of motion to discuss the topics in an open forum.

don think we should have an opportunity for random questioning, she said.

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the middle of their term and should be ready to review their procedures.


think after our government session we had . we going to be looking at doing things differently, she said, adding that they are nearing Adidas Rose 4.5 Sale

´╗┐Councillor wants question period

Adidas Sl Loop Tr Shoes

aren convinced.

period would bring a lot of energy to council, he explained, noting provincial and federal governments both use the method to share information, and even school board trustees have a similar option.

different demands that come up from the general public. You can bring them all to council or you constantly be bringing notices of motion. some of his colleagues Adidas Rose 773 Performance Review

Adidas Sl Loop Tr Shoes

are avenues, he said.

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