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Mr Murphy insisted, once the investigation had started, he could not have stopped it by publicly stating that Mr Vaughan was acting on his instructions.

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And would it not have saved the 5,800 cost of the inquiry which is after all council taxpayers' money?

It was on Sunday, April 29, that Mr Murphy landed on the Turks and Caicos Islands and he said: "The first I became aware of an investigation into Kevin Adidas Sl Loop Orange Dots

He said: "I was hamstrung, because if I made a statement, I was advised that would prejudice Kevin."

He says he merely wanted the BBC's Nick Conrad to ask questions of Mr Daubney which Mr Murphy felt needed to be asked.

Tiz Baskerville, chairman of the East of England Conservatives, said she was aware the issue had "landed on the desk" of Conservative Campaign Headquarters (CCHQ) but did not know what they were being asked to do or what their response might be.

EDP asked the county council if its lawyers had advised Mr Murphy that the issue was subjudice. The response was a rather evasive: "In determining what information it can make publicly available in relation to employment related matters the council must have regard to both data protection principles and the employee's legitimate employment rights."

What he would do differently, however, is that he would call up the radio station himself, rather than asking his political assistant to do so.

Exactly what sanction, if any, has been taken against Mr Vaughan is not clear and the county council are not saying. The closest we get is that "appropriate action has been taken" and Mr Vaughan has not been sacked. He has reserved his right to appeal and will have to decide whether he will do within 10 working days of the investigator's finding.

The key difference with this case is the use of a political assistant to do that. Political assistants occupy an unusual role in that they are paid local government officers.

David White, chief executive at County Hall said this week that the independent report was commissioned by the county council when the email of the political assistant Kevin Vaughan came to light following a Freedom of Information Request made on April 24.

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If he had simply admitted he had instructed him to contact Radio Norfolk to tell them Mr Daubney faced a leadership challenges and difficulties in sourcing an alternative technology to incineration, would that not have stopped the probe?

While they are employed to support local political groups in their day to day council duties, they are not allowed to voice their political opinion in public, nor Adidas Sl Loop Runner On Feet publicly canvas for a particular political party, although they are allowed to convey their political opinion and advice to the group they support.

While Mr Murphy describes the experience as "a salutary lesson" he has suggested that, if he had his time again, he would still tip off the broadcaster about Mr Daubney's difficulties.

"For the first week I was out of the country, so it was the second or third week that I met him.

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Mr Murphy himself says it was at the earliest available opportunity but that he was in the Turks and Caicos Islands in the West Indies, on a Foreign Office assignment to mentor political staff, when the investigation started on Monday April 30.

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Not making it public is a source of frustration for those wanting to understand more about Mr Murphy's involvement in the sending of that email.

"I texted back and was told the matter was subjudice so I could not speak to anyone. I was told to wait and that the independent investigator would have to see me."

´╗┐Cost of probe into Norfolk County Council email revealed

He points out that the leadership challenge to Mr Daubney and West Norfolk Council's difficulties in sourcing an alternative technology to incineration were in the public domain already.

probe that he met the investigator John Anslow. He said: "I was asked 'would I be happy to meet him' and I said 'yes, I'd like to help as quickly as possible'.

One question which the county council has now answered is how much the investigation cost. The answer is 5,832.98 of taxpayers' money has gone into the probe.

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Chief among the questions which remain is could, indeed should, Mr Murphy have prevented Mr Vaughan from being investigated at all?

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One thing we do know for sure is that Norfolk County Council leader Derrick Murphy asked a publicly funded political assistant to tip off Radio Norfolk that a fellow Conservative leader West Norfolk Council leader Nick Daubney was facing problems.

People also want to know at what point in the investigation Mr Murphy admitted culpability.

That was the finding of an independent investigator commissioned by the county council to look into the sending of that email as part of disciplinary proceedings against Kevin Vaughan the council worker who sent it on April 18 two days before Mr Daubney was due to appear on a radio programme to talk about the King's Lynn incinerator.

He said it was during the "second or third week" of the Adidas Rose 4.5 Ebay

was on Wednesday May 2, when I was in the Turks and Caicos islands.

And therein lies the reason why questions remain. It was not an investigation into the behaviour of Mr Murphy; it was an internal investigation into the conduct of a county council employee. And as such, the county council says that means the report must remain confidential.

The irony in all this, and one not lost on Mr Murphy, is that journalists are often called up by politicians and told things in confidence.

"The investigator said to me, did you discuss it with Kevin and I said yes. But it was only retrospectively that I found out he had sent an email."

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