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Glenn Taylor is the mayor of Hinton and an AUMA regional director.

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Cold Lake council's September 2009 request for a dissolution study argued that the city was financially unviable and should be folded in to the surrounding Municipal District of Bonnyville.

Copeland said the process of getting the AUMA on board to lobby for revenue sharing could be a long one, but he hopes to start pushing in that direction by the time the AUMA holds its convention in November, after this fall's municipal elections.

To that end, an AUMA task force made up of non elected officials has finished a position paper on the assessment process and has made recommendations to make tax assessment more transparent.

municipalities in his efforts.

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April, which will see the two municipalities share tax assessment on any new commercial and industrial development in the region.

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of us are discussing across the province," Taylor said. "And Cold Lake is a very visible example of the challenges that some municipalities are facing when it comes to assessment and when it comes to the types of relationships and partnerships we have with Adidas Sl Loop Moc On Foot our municipal neighbours."

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Taylor said many communities who share the concern are smaller than the City of Cold Lake and lack the resources needed to put their issues on the province's agenda.

"We're going to sit down with them and discuss the beginnings of where we want to go with this in terms of our lobbying," Copeland said. They need to be dealing with it right now."

"Cold lake is really speaking to concerns that many Adidas Sl Loop Racer Chromatech

While the relationship between Cold Lake and the MD of Bonnyville has been strained and provincially mandated mediation failed to yield an agreement acceptable to both municipalities, other local governments have been able to work agreements out.

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While the rural municipalities receive tens of millions of dollars in taxes, Copeland said the urban municipality is left to provide the infrastructure for the employees. In the city's case, most of that money has to come from property taxes since it can't tax the oil companies' operations.

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´╗┐Copeland pushing revenue sharing with 'like min

The combined municipality would have a broader tax base that could provide the urban infrastructure for workers brought in by oil companies whose operations are generally located in rural areas.

"(It is) very commendable, actually, because Cold Lake is identifying issues that many other municipalities have been discussing," Taylor said. "Nobody I would suggest has been as vocal to a government response as Cold Lake has, but many municipalities that under go this really don't have the staff resources to respond quite as well."

Cold Lake Mayor Craig Copeland is hoping to put revenue sharing on Alberta's agenda and wants to enlist the help of like minded Adidas Sl Loop Orange Dots

Copeland said the revenue disparity in some regions between urban municipalities and their resource rich rural neighbours needs to be addressed by the province as soon as possible.

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"We've identified that we believe (the tax assessment process) is broken," Taylor said. "So if it was fixed, then the next question would be: 'Will that fixed assessment process meet the needs of municipalities to make sure they remain viable into the future?'"

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He said a number of informal meetings have been set up between himself, Deputy Mayor Hubert Rodden and representatives from the Alberta Urban Municipalities Association (AUMA) to talk about the issue.

The Town of Whitecourt's mayor, Trevor Thain, said the two municipalities needed the deal to work together effectively on attracting business to their region. "Municipal districts and counties if they're attracting industry and that's where employment is, the residents usually end up living in the (urban) community so basically the MD would be getting the revenue from the taxation, whereas the town or the city is actually having to do the infrastructure to maintain the work force. And that's not really a fair equation because taxation on residential property doesn't really pay the bills."

He said the association's focus is currently on lobbying the province to make changes to what the AUMA sees as deficiencies in the existing tax assessment process.

Taylor said the problem extend to other regions in Alberta and the situation in Cold Lake is being watched closely by many politicians.

Whitecourt and Woodlands County inked a deal that took effect last Adidas Loop Racer

Whether or not the AUMA puts some form of revenue sharing on its agenda, other municipalities have already identified it as a need.

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