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sector bonuses anymore and look at those big pensions the public sector is getting!! Cake and eat it comes to mind in the private sector and no one else get any if they are struggling.

"We have faced massive job losses and our members have endured three years of pay freezes so a one per cent rise is not acceptable."

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"Many of our members are low paid women earning barely above the minimum wage, who care for our children, our elderly and our vulnerable and they deserve better treatment than they have had at the hands of this Government. "

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As for South Staffordshire MP Gavin Williamson what a total hypocrite! Remind us all again Mr Williamson what pay rise MP will get in 2015. 1% like the rest Adidas Sl 76

´╗┐Council staff strike labelled reckless Express Star

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Do you even know who left the negotiating table first Mr Williamson? I give you a clue, better yet, I give you the answer. The Employers, not the unions.

"It seems while cuts are being made the unions are seeking a pay rise. Well if people do decide to walk out they will be docked pay and it will be a saving to the council.

Tony Rabaiotti, Unison spokesman in the West Midlands, said: ""We have a clear majority for strike action so a one day strike will go ahead on July 10.

I know a lot of people who are in retail , working in large supermarkets outfits who have had wage rises, bonuses, shares and that is nothing to do with min wage rises. Trouble is no one wants you to know this because they want to keep constantly harping on about the public sector by the side of the poor old private sector. The private sector fairs well when things in the economy are on the up. The public stays in line. People forget this, untill something goes wrong, then it dear poor private

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"And we are still hopeful that nationally we can get employers back around the table.

of the public sector? Not even close! 11%! That right. Next year MPs salaries will go up by 7,600 to 74,000 per year! Let not forget all your other perks too like Adidas Rose 3 Buy

In fairness to Mike Bird, councillors in Walsall did unanimously reject recommendations to increase their allowances last year and have done for the last three overall I think.

Adrian Turner, representative for Unison in Wolverhampton, warned all public services would be affected apart from bin collections, which are outsourced to private contractor Amey, and housing services offered by Wolverhampton Homes.

"We will be doing our upmost to ensure that residents will inconvenienced as little as possible and that any impact will be kept to a minimum."

"At the end of the day it's members of the public who are being inconvenienced.

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Union leaders were today urged to come back around the negotiating table by South Staffordshire MP Gavin Williamson.

He said: "It is always a tragedy when anyone has to go on strike and we do respect people's right to strike, however you do find that union leaders are quick to march out on strike and not think of the consequences that it has to their members.

The employers cancelled the first scheduled meeting with all three unions as they wanted to see what the chancellor did with the minimum wage and then came back with 1%. When the unions attempted negotiation the response was take it or leave it, we not negotiating. How that negotiation?

homes, food and subsistence, transport. Basically your whole Whitehall life on the public credit card and you have the audacity to call on public sector workers to think of the effects and come back to the negotiating table?

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But Unison bosses insist the action is necessary following a proposed one per cent pay rise by the Government.

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"We have not rushed into this. It is a last resort," he said.

Strikes are the Adidas Sl Loop Black/Black last resort. No one wants to go on strike. It not 1970 anymore and people do take these things very seriously. If the employers were up for negotiation, this wouldn be happening, but don let the facts get in the way of another good political photo opp to point out how inconsiderate and reckless those fat cat Council workers are.

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