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A report to city council states that the city has always taken the position that it should not be bound to the construction trade collective agreement with Labourers and Carpenters and that the city is exposed to additional costs in the form of staff time and legal fees regarding grievances and arbitration over the jurisdiction issues.

said CAO Joe Fratesi. don't believe we should be classified as Adidas Sl 72 Ebay those in the construction industry. existing process, the city can only hire general contractor firms that have a relationship with certain unions like the Labourers International Union and the Union Brotherhood of Carpenters and Joiners for its off road projects like arenas and community centres, among others.

The municipality has been fighting the restriction for decades.

City council will be asked Monday to support an MPP's private member's bill that, if passed, would open up the construction project tender process for the city.

Currently, Sault Ste. Marie is Cheap Adidas Y3 Trainers

been fighting this restriction for about 20 years, Adidas Y-3 Kanye West

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Kitchener Conestoga MPP Michael Harris was in Sault Ste. Marie in August touting his Fair and Open Tendering Act bill, designed to increase the competitive bidding for public infrastructure projects tended by Ontario municipalities and school boards.

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The private member's bill, Bill 73, would exempt municipalities and school boards from provincial collective bargaining rules meant for firms in the construction industry which have ultimately shut out other qualified union and non union firms from major taxpayer funded infrastructure contracts, Harris has argued.

is not an anti union sentiment, Fratesi said. about fairness and having the right to hire qualified companies and workers, many in our own community, who may want to bid for our projects but can't under the existing clause. the city has no firm statistics or proof that this will result in lower tendered bids for projects, Fratesi said that is believed to be the case because many of those that are permitted to bid on city work are out of town general contractors who factor in workers' living expenses and travel into the final tender.

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that perform construction on behalf of the citizens with taxpayers dollars need to be able to freely tender their construction work to obtain truly competitive bids on behalf of the taxpayers, the report states.

Sault Ste. Marie's position dates back to a 1987 Ontario Labour Relations Board ruling in favour of the Labourers International Union and United Brotherhood Adidas Y3 New Release

Kitchener had a similar experience and that municipality finds itself in the same position. Kitchener Conestoga is Harris' riding.

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´╗┐Council to discuss open tendering bill

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The hearing went out without the city's representation and was adjudicated in the unions' favour. An appeal was later denied, leaving the city with the restrictive clause, Fratesi said.

of Carpenters and Joiners of America after a group of workers building the city fish hatchery project under a government job creation program were certified.

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less people you have bidding generally means you're paying more than you should for a project, he said.

Harris states that the current restriction on municipalities like Sault Ste. Marie, Toronto and Hamilton, restricts 70% of qualified contractors from working on public projects and increases infrastructure costs by 40%.

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one of several Ontario municipalities which are bound by a restriction that only certain unions can work on municipal building projects.

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