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In order for that to be done, other criteria must exist. The minimum rural residential lot size will be increased to a minimal of 0.8ha and the new residential lot creation will be reviewed to ensure that there are adequate separation distances between properties and that there is no negative impact on the existing or future industrial development potential of nearby industrially designated properties.

that while the minimum frontages of the Sault Ste. Marie policy 45 metres or 150 feet is a little smaller than other municipalities in Northern Ontario, a decision was made not to increase the frontage requirements.

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´╗┐Council to examine new rural severance policy chan

The original Rural Severances Area plan, approved in 1996, did not permit new rural residential lot creations or new rural estate subdivisions. The rural residential development moratoriums were a result of the declining population, a report to council states.

reviewed a number of different options with the planning advisory council and we recommend a change to the new, two lot system, Tonazzo said.

The ideas and recommendations have already been circulated and public open houses have already been completed.

The report also recommends that council maintain the current prohibition of new rural estate subdivisions, as in the existing Official Plan, until an Ontario Municipal Board hearing and ruling is made related to the Pointe Estates subdivision.

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consistent and we've increased the lot size to conform to the Ministry of Environment guidelines and we believe it will maintain the character of the rural area, Tonazzo said.

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Tonazzo said it's not anticipated that the number of severance applications will increase as a result of the policy, but it is believed that property owners may decide to sever their lot to create two new lots if needed.

City staff are taking the position that any OMB decision might contain information or recommendations that will be beneficial in determining future policy for that type of development.

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Tonazzo said Adidas Sl 72 Q20727

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That change, if eventually approved by council, adheres to provincial policy and will maintain the rural landscape of the area. It will also be consistently applied to ensure lot size, depth and frontages.

As the demand for rural lots began about a decade Adidas Sl 72 Black White Red ago, an amendment was made in December 2009 to the policy to allow for the severance of a rural lot that would allow for the creation of one additional lot.

City council will be asked to take the first step Monday which could see a change to the rural lot severance policy to accommodate a growing desire for many to live in rural areas.

They would only have to appear before the committee Adidas Rose 4 Grey

them, despite the existing policy.

Many of the recent severance applications over the past few years have been for the creation of two new lots and in the majority of the cases, council has approved Adidas Sl 80 Ebay

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City planner Peter Tonazzo said the policy was reviewed at the request of council.

Since that amendment, council has approved 12 multiple rural residential severance applications and as a result, has requested the policy review.

The proposed changes to the Rural Area Policies of the Official Plan would allow property owners to sever a rural lot to create new new lots, versus the existing one additional lot.

Increasing the frontage minimums would also mean grandfathering the existing lots and perhaps create a new problem of those that want to keep that smaller frontage.

of adjustment to do so, if the policy amendment was approved, and not appear before council and the creation of two new lots could be created with one application.

They have not resulted in any major concerns or objections to the policy amendments, Tonazzo said.

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