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The total number of Hardship Customers increased from 1,445 in January 2012 to 2,552 by the end of the year.

"If it's not water, it's electricity and then the next thing you know it's rates.

"I feel sorry for those that have two or more kids in the house.

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He said costs are as high as they've ever been and he does not know how people will be able to keep up shortly.

Local resident Nick Kriticos said as a pensioner in this day and age, he is finding it increasing difficult to keep up with all the monetary demands on his pension.

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Mr Kriticos said we are lucky in Australia because we do get the pension.

´╗┐Cost of living increases

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"There are a lot of places in the world where they don't," he said.

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Adidas Shoes Y3

bills by $35 per household, equating to 2.4 percent.

The cost of living is increasing at an increasing rate and the average person is finding it hard to keep up with the costs.

The number of SA Water customers managed under SA Water's Hardship Program has increased by 77 percent from January 2012 to December 2012, according to documents obtained under Freedom of Information by the state liberals.

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Mr Kriticos retired ten years ago with what he considered was a good lump sum of money at the time.

Mr Kriticos said he, like other households, has felt this increase with his water bill coming in at about $312 for this past quarter.

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"Then people have insurances on top, you just can't keep up."

"But you still struggle and if you're not on the full pension like me you're using your own money up."

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"Under Premier Weatherill, SA leads the nation in an unenvied category we still have the highest water prices in Australia," Mr Marshall said.

"That's just for two people," Mr Kriticos said.

Mr Kriticos said Whyalla has a high percentage of retired and unemployed people and so would be one of the cities that feels the impact of these rises the most.

Mr Kriticos keeps an avid eye on his bills and recently received a notification from SA Water that he had been overcharged for a period of time and was receiving a reimbursement.

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State Liberal Leader Steven Marshall said recently premier Weatherill increased cost of living by increasing Adidas Originals Sl 72 Vintage

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"I was thinking that would be enough until my dying days, but 10 years later, that money is nearly all gone because of bills like this." Mr Kriticos said.

Looking after the bills in his household, Mr Kriticos has seen steady increases in all utilities creeping in Loop Adidas

"I also feel sorry for those that are renting and may be on the dole."

over the years.

This Hardship Program helps customers who are willing to pay their account but do not have the financial capacity to do so.

While he was glad for their honesty, it did leave him wondering, how many times this had happened before and how much money he had spent on overpayments with an already stretched pension income.

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"For a pensioner, you pay one account, and the next thing you know, you have another one,"

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