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Adidas Rose 773 Maroon

rebuild the structure.

The three killed in Adidas Originals Tech Super Trainers

Of the three people who were wounded, current Auburn football player Eric Mack and Xavier Moss were both treated and released from a hospital. The third, John Robertson, remained in critical condition after being shot in the head.

Officials say it is where they believe a suspect in the shooting deaths of three people in Auburn is hiding. Police fired tear gas into the house to try to flush out someone who was inside, but were still in a "waiting game" after about three hours on the scene, an official said. Dozens of police Adidas Rose 773 Maroon cruisers, trucks Adidas Rose Bounce

A witness who identified himself as a friend of Pitts said he didn't know the man who pulled out a gun and began firing into the crowd following a dispute over a woman.

Adidas Rose 773 Maroon

Adidas Rose 773 Maroon

Adidas Rose 773 Maroon

Investigators said thermal imaging and other technology showed a person was in the attic area of the house and that they'd heard coughing and movement. But after midnight, they acknowledged that they hadn't heard those noises for several hours.

Police said it wasn't known whether Jeremy Thomas and Gabriel Thomas are related. Officers also were looking for a third man described as a person of interest in the case, but it wasn't clear why.

the weekend shooting included former Auburn players Edward Christian, who had to quit the team because of a lingering back injury; and Ladarious Phillips, who was transferring from Auburn to Jacksonville State University to play football. The other person killed was Demario Pitts, 20.

"I ain't never seen him a day of my life," said Turquorius Vines, 23, who wasn't injured in the melee.

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Dozens of police cruisers, trucks, fire vehicles and vans surrounded the house, located in a middle class area a few miles from Alabama's Capitol. One of the calls came from the owner of the home.

Auburn police said Jeremy S. Thomas, 18, of Montgomery was charged with hindering prosecution after he fled the scene of the shooting with Leonard. Records show Thomas was free on bond at the time of the Auburn shootings while awaiting a manslaughter trial set to begin June 18 in last year's shooting death of a teenager.

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Adidas Rose 773 Maroon

Adidas Rose 773 Maroon

Also on Monday, police said they had arrested two men accused of hindering the search.

´╗┐Cops leave home after search for Auburn suspect

Law enforcement swarmed the scene Monday afternoon and spent hours firing tear gas, using thermal imaging and sending tactical teams on forays inside the house as they searched for Desmonte Leonard. They hadn't brought anyone out of the home by the time they held a briefing just after midnight. press conference. Tuesday, an Associated Press photographer on the scene saw all law enforcement agents that had been there leave without comment. It wasn't immediately clear why they left. There was no activity around the house.

Montgomery police said Gabriel Thomas, 41, was also charged with hindering prosecution after having contact with Leonard after the shooting and providing false information to officers.

and vans surrounded the house.

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Leonard is charged with three counts of capital murder in a shooting Saturday night during a pool party at University Heights apartments. He's also accused of wounding three others. The dead included two former Auburn football players. They were drilling holes and tearing through pieces of the house. They vowed to repay the house's owner or Adidas Sl Loop Runner Uk

Adidas Rose 773 Maroon

Adidas Rose 773 Maroon

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