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Justice Melanie Dunn described the offence as a fraud, but not an or scheme. Jacobs was not motived by greed nor living a lavish lifestyle, the judge stated in her written decision.

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any consents to monitor compliance;

Jacobs was supported in Adidas Originals Sl Loop Racer Running Sneaker

suffered an addiction and stole to feed that addiction. Her family relations and personal finances have been affected. wrote that Jacobs has addressed the gambling addiction and is remorseful and wishes to make amends for the crime, although unable, so far, to make any restitution.

Complaints about an unmanageable workload enrolment was growing greatly at this time fell on deaf management ears, Orazietti contended, while a diagnosed gambling addiction spiralled out of control.

She must also take any such treatment or counselling as may be directed, in particular for gambling addiction and sign Adidas Tech Super 2.0 Vapour

Adidas Rose 5 Black Ice

Adidas Rose 5 Black Ice

Jacobs must also perform 250 hours of community service.

A number of terms and conditions was also handed down Tuesday, as well as a free standing restitution order for $391,000 in favour of Algoma University.

Report as required;

Jacobs must remain away from Algoma University and any Ontario Lottery and Gaming casino;

During the last six to seven years, the Adidas Y3 Tennis

has brought ruin and humiliation on herself, Dunn wrote. have taken into account the impact on the victim and the fact that a breach of trust fraud warrants a significant denunciatory and deterrent sentence.

court Tuesday and in prior appearances by many family members, including her son, Olympic gold medalist curler Brad Jacobs.

Sault Ste. Marie woman defrauded the university by taking money that was provided to the school by a number of organizations for tuition. The fraud occurred between April 1, 2006 and Oct. 1, 2012.

Defence lawyer Don Orazietti had said full restitution was "not a real likelihood" given Jacobs's job loss has cut significantly into the family's finances, which also include income from her husband's snow plowing operation. Jacobs now makes about $1,000 per month working for a business, owned by a family member.

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To perform 50 hours of community service.

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Prior to sentencing Tuesday, Orazietti discussed additional submissions he wanted the court to hear medical reports relating to Jacobs gambling addiction but withdrew when Peterson said the Crown did not challenge the five reports. except for medical emergencies for herself or immediate family, or with written permission of her conditional sentence supervisor;

Remain away from Algoma University and any OLG casino;

Earlier, Orazietti described his client, a 34 year AU employee whose last post was student accounts officer, as under great stress during the time of the fraud.

on balance, when considering all of the relevant factors, I am satisfied that a conditional sentence will meet the principles and purposes of sentencing. Crown attorney Dana Peterson, earlier branding the fraud scale, had called for jail time, as well as three years probation, further counselling, that Jacobs stay away from Algoma University and Ontario Lottery and Gaming facilities, and make full restitution.

The terms of probation are:

Cynthia Jacobs was handed a conditional sentence Tuesday for two years less a day, followed by a three year probation order.

Take any such treatment or counselling as may be directed, in particular for gambling addiction and sign any consents to monitor compliance;

´╗┐Conditional sentence for Jacobs

Following Tuesday sentencing, Orazietti said that in some cases, such as this, the facts are as they appear, initially. was a lot more complicated and you can see how the interaction between her employment, her employer and the triggering of this illness, combined to produce this very sad event, he said in an interview.

Adidas Rose 5 Black Ice

Adidas Rose 5 Black Ice

The former Algoma University employee pleaded guilty earlier to fraud over $5,000, after confessing to her employer she stole approximately $391,000 from the post secondary Adidas Rose 5 Black Ice institution to fuel a gambling addiction.

Adidas Rose 5 Black Ice

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