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Adidas Originals Blue Tech Super Leopard

Adidas Originals Blue Tech Super Leopard

review unit . yes LG G3 is in display every store , people are buying it . it outsale S5 in korea not by marketing but because of features and quality ."

For the record, the G3 is on display at my local Verizon store. It's not the "unicorn" of smartphones. Everyone can see it. Everyone can take it for a ride. As plenty of reviews have already stated, there's nothing truly special about the G3. Its screen is the main selling point, which is very sad indeed.

However, we all know that 2014 flagships have to be put up against other 2014 flagships within their class. The LG G3's true rival is the Note 4, and I'm sure you already know how that story ends. The G3 is Adidas Originals Blue Tech Super Leopard going to be destroyed! No different than the G2 and Note 3 both being released in 2013, and the Note 3 buried it.

Adidas Originals Blue Tech Super Leopard

"And your comments about Adidas Sl 72 Leo Su/Ny/Syn

So whilst your assessment of the G3 is not the point of the article, (that is why the gsmarena reviews are so much better! ) to counter it is not about having the best phones made ever

Adidas Originals Blue Tech Super Leopard

Adidas Originals Blue Tech Super Leopard

Those are facts that you can't refute.

Adidas Originals Blue Tech Super Leopard

Imo specs now of some premium phones are more than the average person needs, ergo if I can get it cheaper whu pay more

"Everyone knows samsung will show the review unit with snapdragon processor and sell the unit with exynos ."

The only device that can replace my Note 3 is the Note 4, which everyone knows is going to outclass the G3 on every level. And I'm sure you'll find many more Note 3 owners who share the same sentiment than not.

LG KE850 Prada (2007) or LG Prada 3.0 (2011)? If so, you would know that neither looks like Samsung devices. That claim is completely false. If anything, the LG Prada 3.0 and iPhone 6s both copied from HTC.

Adidas Originals Blue Tech Super Leopard

>>> So, the Note 3 and S5's design looks like LG PRADA devices? Wow! Have you ever seen the Adidas Sl 72 Electricity

The price drop is a marketing tool eg switch networks NOT switch phones, as most (not collectors which you seem to be) will keep the phone for entire contract

>>> See, when you start your reply off with a bold statement like that, you lose all credibility. It's obvious that you're just intentionally spreading misinformation. The LG G2 and Note 3 were both released in September 2013.

Adidas Originals Blue Tech Super Leopard

Adidas Originals Blue Tech Super Leopard

´╗┐contract price drops to

Overall, the G3 is very mediocre. The build quality is cheap, its SoC is underpowered for QHD, camera/video quality is average, and its software package is nothing special.

And regardless of what's going on in your head, there is no real interest on my behalf. I'm just telling it like it is. People like you don't seem to know any better.

>>> Don't have that problem in the States. My Note 3 has the Snapdragon SoC, as well as the S5's sold over here. G3 is no doubt a futuristic device ,well designed compared to samsung's copied design from LG PARADA and iphone ."

Adidas Originals Blue Tech Super Leopard

Adidas Originals Blue Tech Super Leopard

It is not what phone would I switch to mid contract or who has the most up to date and latest phone

S5, iPhone 5s, HTC One (M8), and Nokia Lumias are all on display as well. Does that automatically translate into sales? No. The LG G3 definitely won't outsell the S5 over here in the USA. Don't bet on it. And, for the record, the Galaxy S5 sold 10 million units in 25 days, beating the S4's record by 5 days.

>>> I only stated that the LG G3 was on display at my local Verizon. I wouldn't know about every store. However, a newly released device being on display is pretty normal in the USA. And Guess what, the Note 3, Galaxy Adidas Sl Loop Currency

Adidas Originals Blue Tech Super Leopard

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