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The truth in this story lay undiscovered for 100 years until Ann Morgan Campbell, chief of the San Adidas Y3 Black And Red

Davis sold his tailor shop property to Levi Strauss on May 27. The frame building was destroyed Oct, 29, 1873 in Reno's first great fire.

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Anyway, we now know the facts thanks to a federal court case. The next time you look at your Levi 501 blue jeans, think of Jacob Davis and Reno.

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In 1856, he arrived to San Francisco and shortly thereafter moved north to Weaverville to work as a tailor. With the gold rush to Fraser River in 1858, he left California for Western Canada, where he lived for nine years, married and started a family.

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The wife, claiming her enormous husband was too ill to visit the shop to be measured, tied knots in a piece of string provided by Davis, took the requisite waist and inseam measurements and brought them to the tailor.

An Associated Press article datelined San Francisco, Jan. 11, 1999, noted that Levi Strauss Co.'s president had just stepped down. The news article also gave Levi Strauss credit for inventing the prototype for 501 jeans.

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and the thought struck me to fasten the pockets with rivets," Davis said. "I had never thought of it before."

Davis returned to San Francisco by ship from Victoria, British Columbia, in January 1867. He soon traveled to Virginia City, where he first opened a cigar store, but within three months he again turned to his trade as a tailor. In June 1868, he moved once again, this time to the fledgling railroad town of Reno. Investing in a brewery, he lost virtually everything. By 1869, he had opened a tailor shop on the town's main thoroughfare, Virginia Street. He began fabricating wagon covers and tents from a rugged off white duck cloth sold by San Francisco's Levi Strauss Co.

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The reporter failed to do his history homework. Although Levi Strauss sold work jeans, it was an obscure Jewish tailor working at 31 Virginia St. in Reno who added the rivets. Circuit Court of California (Levi Strauss, et. al. v. Elfelt, et. al.) and housed in the National Archives branch in San Bruno, south of San Francisco, contains the facts.

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Events in January 1871 changed Jacob Davis' life and made him a wealthy man. His testimony told of a woman who needed a sturdy pair of pants for a husband too big to wear ready made clothes.

"She, his wife, said she wanted to send him to chop some wood," Davis testified, "but he had no pants to put on."

Born in 1831, Jacob Youphes was a native of Riga (now the capital of Latvia) on the Baltic Sea. The German Jew changed his name to Jacob W. Davis after coming to the United States in 1854 and operated a tailor shop in New York City and Augusta, Maine.

For further information, see "In Nineteenth Century Nevada: Federal Records as Sources for Local History" by Ann Morgan Campbell, Nevada Historical Society Quarterly (Fall 1974).

´╗┐Copper rivets in jeans

it to light in an article in the Nevada Historical Society Quarterly in 1974. For more than 30 years, the story has received attention in Nevada, appearing in newspapers, books and historical journals.

"San Francisco based Levi's, founded in 1853 by a Bavarian entrepreneur who designed the riveted work jeans for Gold Rush miners," the news report stated, "increasingly has been looking outside the company to fill its Adidas Loop Racer On Feet management positions."

Davis went on to testify that he was paid $3 in advance for the pants which he made of white duck bought from Levi Strauss Co. The woman wanted the trousers made as strong as possible. There were copper rivets in the tailor's shop used to attach straps to horse blankets made for local teamsters.

Bruno branch of the National Archives, brought Adidas Y3 Primeknit Pure Boost

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As word of the new pants began to spread, orders first trickled in. Soon Davis was deluged with requests. In the following 18 months, he made and sold 200 pairs to people in need of heavy work clothing. Some of the pants were made of denim. Concerned that his idea might be pirated, Davis asked Levi Strauss to help him with a patent application. A preliminary application was approved in July 1872, and the full patent granted on May 20, 1873. By then, Davis had been named the San Francisco production manager. (The Davis family still lives in the Bay Area, owns Ben Davis Manufacturing and maintains a Web site.)

There are people other than the AP reporter in 1999 that have added to the confusion. Journalist Wells Drury, in his book "An Editor on the Comstock Lode" (1936), wrote that "legend" had it that Levi Strauss in "about 1872" learned of the used of copper rivets from the colorful Carson City stage coach driver Hank Monk and went on to make a fortune. According to Drury, "When on the road, Hank Monk was wont to mend his clothing with copper harness rivets in lieu of buttons."

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"So when the pants were done the rivets were lying on the table Adidas Predator Sl Sale

Davis is also mentioned in a brief biography of Levi Strauss in the World Book Encyclopedia. All the AP reporter in San Francisco needed to do was call the corporate headquarters of Levi Strauss Co. Historian Lynn Downey would have set the record straight.

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