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December 12, 2013 at 6:07pm

The far right group has previously gathered in Lincoln at City Square for a demonstration earlier in the year, which was also met with a counter demo at Cornhill.

The counter protests aren to change the minds of the EAP that a losing battle. But by counter protesting we stand by our Muslim neighbours and say that THIS IS NOT OKAY. It would be so easy to ignore the hateful protests and their chants of "Who the fuck is Allah?!" ect but in doing so we allow these people to isolate and intimidate part of our community.

December 13, 2013 at 12:31am

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An anti racism group in Lincoln will host a counter protest during the day of an anti mosque demo by the East Anglian Patriots.

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As previously reported, the EAP plan to Adidas Y3 Qasa Racer For Sale

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Campaigners from the Lincoln Against Racism and Fascism group agreed at a public meeting on December 11 to host the counter demonstration against the EAP in the New Year.

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´╗┐Counter protest planned during Lincoln mosque demo

hold a demonstration against the erection of a mosque on the former Boultham Park Dairy site in Lincoln on January 18.

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all sections of our community. Police are aware of the event by the EAP, stating: "We are working with the City of Lincoln Council and other local partners to facilitate a peaceful protest, and also to minimise the impact on local residents and businesses.

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Spokesperson for Lincoln Against Racism and Fascism, Nick Parker, said nothing and ignoring the threat of the far right hasn worked when they held protests in Skegness, and it won work here in Lincoln.

I agree with Steve Burrows, it pointless to demonstrate against these people, far better for as many people as possible to stay out of the city centre on the day and the media NOT to Adidas Loop Racer Infant give them the publicity that they crave for.

Liz Lowe:

need as many people as possible who oppose the threat of racism and the far right to come out on to the streets of Lincoln, and join us in sending out a positive united message by standing up for the democratic rights of Adidas Sl 72 Material

hopefully this will show some balance!December 12, 2013 at 4:23pm

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I think this is a fantastic way to show publicly that not all people from Lincoln are xenophobic good on them! If I still lived in Lincoln I would support, the anti muslim demonstrations have tarnished Lincoln Adidas Tech Super Eastbay

the East Anglian Patriots succeed in intimidating Muslims whose only offence is to practise their democratic right to worship freely, who will be the far right target next?

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